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Kenzie | Female | Pansexual | 15 | Single (sadly) | Capricorn

Hiya! I hope you're having a wonderful day today! You can call me Kenzie, Honey (My sona's name), TwoTailedHummingbird, Hummingbird, or anything you'd like!! I really hope you enjoy what I have for you guys here on DA! If theres ever anything you think I should do that would be cool (Like adoptables, sketches, etc) Please note me about it! Also! If you ever need someone to talk to, or want someone to talk to, or just want to be friends with me, Please go and note me! I don't bite! I will say that I'm very shy on the internet and I also have a lot going on in my life at the moment, so it might take me a while to respond each time... Sorry about that!




What made you start drawing?
Well when I was REALLY young, my mom bought me a playstation 2 and some of the classic spyro games. I was all for it! I loved the little purple guy and his friend sparx and their adventures! (Even though I sucked at the games then and made my brother play it for me as I watched). But! Then I got the first TLOS (The legend of spyro) game and GOD it amazed me. This was the game that pushed me to start drawing. First though, I had to know that drawing existed. Of course, I got on my mothers computer and looked up the game on youtube, and one of the first videos was a speedpaint. I watched it. Clicked another. and another. And basically watched speedpaints for 2 whole years just fascinated by digital art. So me and my little inspired self started to draw my heart away!

Have you ever drawn warrior cats?
Oh god... I had a huge warrior cat faze when I was in 3rd grade all the way up to the beginning of 7th... I was just drawing so many cats it was insane! I actually had forgotten how to draw dragons, that's how much a had drawn cats! I was super edgy with them too and I didn't understand good plots either... Will I ever be drawing warrior cats again? Depends... I really doubt I will though.

What programs and software do you use?
For drawing I have photoshop cs6 and paint tool sai, for editting I have sony vegas 13, and I use an intuos tablet!

Whats is this "comic" you keep talking about every once and a while with Spiral and Chrona?
Well, my comics name is "ClearFate" and I've been planning on making this comic for YEARS and just now, after literally making 3 different really deep mythologies and all these really deep character backstories, I've finally decided it's about time I start this sucker before I develop more parts of this already HUGE and CONFUSING story... I already have the first chapter all sketched out too! You guys have all inspired me to finally start it too, since you guys like my characters so much and have been curious...

Will you tell us your characters stories?
No, probably not... Maybe vaguely about some small characters but... I want to keep the rest a secret!!

Are your commissions open?
Sort of! I might take a few more before I close em up until I finish all of the ones I have to do right now...

Can I draw you gift art/ask for art trades?
OF COURSE! You don't have to ask before drawing me gift art, I love surprises! And I'll probably be so happy I'll end up drawing you something back... And my art trades are always open! Although atm I'm a little busy... But there's no harm in asking?

Is calling someones art/animation "edgy" okay?
NO! It's extremely offensive if you don't know exactly whats happening to the character! I mean there is sometimes some stuff thats edgy, like ms. paint art with cats covered in blood but... There's always a starting point for everybody. Instead of saying "lol thats edgy" why don't you try asking the person if they'd like some critisism! (Keep it kind~ Always be kind to everyone because they all are fighting their own battles in life. thats a quote from something but I don't know where...)

What grade are you in?
9th grade, my first year at highschool! It's been crazy dude. Hopefully next year will be better.

What fandoms are you apart of?
I'm lowkey trash for homestuck, Spyro (it counts I swear), POKEMON, Overwatch, Shadowhunters, anndddddd... Flightrising!

Favorite animals?
Crested geckos, Hummingbirds, TOADS (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TOADS), Frogs, Dragons, Bats, FRIUT BATS, cats... Many... Many more...



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Mar 23, 2017
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Social media! and commission info


Animal crossing meme!!


Commissions to do:
Mollish: 10%
Animation meme:
Zyachim: 10%
CrispyCh0colate: 20%

Commission info!

Okay so, I'm changing my commission's atm... The only commissions I will have open are Chibi's/fullbodies! They get done super fast and I can get to work on them right away! They're going to cost around 600-1000 points depending on design/what you have!

1: Pay first please! I don't want to spend my time on your commissions and not get paid for it! That would suck...
2: No refunds! If you don't like the drawing I might draw you another, with a price of a little extra.
3: Don't rush me please! I promise you I will get it done. Highschool and living at three houses with 2 baby siblings and lots of other things is VERY difficult, so it might take me some time! I promise I will get to your commission as soon as I possibly can!
4: Note me your refs first and wait until I accept your commission before sending me any points! I want to make sure I'm able to draw your character and that I have time.

And that's it! Soon I'll put some examples of them up on here once I get some of these new commissions goin!

Friends and Inspirations!


Friends (I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! You all mean so much to me, even if I barely talk to you... You all are so sweet and lovely... What a bunch of wonderful people and friends... if I left you out please tell me!):
:iconmarineflames: :iconsiechy: :iconrinathekitty: :iconcalicot-zc: :iconvhydra: :iconniumiko: :icondawndragonscale: :iconmollish: :iconsoiar: :icondragodoodle: :iconmeapyblossom: :iconcrispych0colate: :icondragonlovertori: :iconhatonni: :iconzyachim:

Inspirations (I would love to be friends with all of you, I'm just soooo shy and you're all such big inspirations for me so I feel so intimidated by you guys, but I love you all! You all are wonderful people and Wonderful artists!):
:iconmaplespyder: :iconcrunchycrowe: :iconforsakenspirits: :iconsplashamantha: :iconfeyrah: :iconcrispych0colate: :iconrorygoespchooo: :iconnifty-senpai: :iconflynnmutt: :iconsiechy: :iconmarineflames: :iconcalicot-zc: :iconrinathekitty: :icondragodoodle: :iconkeefeen: :iconscotchi: :iconunknownspy: :iconquailheart: :iconwindbirds: :iconskitea: :iconclearical: :iconblitzengles: :iconrenjirra: :iconrythiian: :icondark-yard: :iconglitchsixxle: :iconhowlingwolf201: :iconspiderren: :iconsimplymisty: :iconkapu-official: :iconshenkkazoo: :iconswintah: :iconameraxi:


What lovely gifts!!!

Do ya guys wanna know my NSFW accounts?? 

89 deviants said YES (I LOVE SIN!)
29 deviants said no? (You draw nsfw?)


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(Sorry if my english is bad <xD... And sorry for the long massege xD)
Hay! I wanted to say that i really love your art.٩( 'ω' )و I watching all of your Mems and Map's on youtube and i just love it so much! Especially these ones with your dragons!≧﹏≦ You're the only one with the dragon artstyle i really love and enjoy to see it! Keep it up! :3 ah and i made a picture thats similar with yours... But with diffirent charakters... But i write that was inspired by your art... I hope its ok ^^' if its not than i deleted it right now! I just want that you know that ^^'

Ah and i wanted to ask something...
Did you use Amino? I really want to know that >w<
Ps: im really shy so it was a little bit difficuld for me to wirte you a massege (o;TωT)o
Arvemis Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AHHHH thank you for the watch! anyway hi how are you? :)
Arvemis Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Screams how are you my age your too good!
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aaAAAAA--*coughs* Thanks so much for the watch!!~ You've been a big inspiration to me ever since I started watching your videos on Youtube--glad to see you like my work as well! <3
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Thank you so much for the watch!
Hagwedasaze Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oml you're such an amazing artist and I really just wanted to tell you this, I found you on YT through your "bird song" video and I've always watched you since. You're so great!!! Keep up all your amazingly hard work <333
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How big do you usually make your canvas?
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